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Exclusive offer for Speedleads 
Members Only:
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lead-generation suite...
The ONLY technology you need to get leads and sales:
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Wishloop is way ahead of the curve and blows "similar" tools out of the water.  Lightweight, great designs, fantastic options that simply CONVERT LEADS.

It's like having a symphony at your fingertips when everybody else is playing air guitar, i.e. the real deal vs. the posers.
John Flynn
Online Marketer
Finally, a software suite that will grow 
your business, day after day...
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The Wishloop 
“Access All Areas” Pass
Wishloop is the First All-In-One Conversion Engine for Boosting Your Leads and Sales Across All Your Marketing Channels.
All your lead-gen campaigns, 
in one place...
With one simple to use interface for for creating, tracking and managing all your lead-gen campaigns - Wishloop is the central hub for all your marketing. 

Access all your campaigns anywhere, anytime. 
In addition to Speedleads, Wishloop includes three
other class-leading lead generation tools:
Guarantees more of your prospects see your key Call-to-Action... and boosts conversions on EVERY campaign you run!

Whether you’re looking to get more subscribers, increase traffic 
or make more sales.

Amplify is packed full of features to boost any campaign... 
Turns every website visitor into a RED HOT LEAD.

Wishloop Engage is the all-in-one website tool for increasing conversion rates & profits!

The most comprehensive conversion tool around - deliver pinpointed messages and offers to your website visitors based on their on-site behaviour.
Delivers more subscribers for your lists, using high quality & completely responsive landing pages.

Create beautiful squeeze pages, webinar pages, bridge pages and other marketing assets in minutes with our class-leading drag and drop framework.
Watch this preview video for more info on each part of the Wishloop Suite:
(NOTE:  Speedleads is now called "Share" within the Wishloop app)
Works seamlessly with Speedleads
Amplify and Engage are PROVEN ways to send your 
website conversions through the roof. 

But they also work with websites you don't own...

As a full Wishloop owner, you can also plug your Engage popups and Amplify conversion mats into your Speedleads Browser Extension & Scheduler... and add them to any page you share. 

Overlay your own buy buttons, lead magnets, videos... you name it... you're in complete control!
Since its launch a year ago, Wishloop has served over 105 MILLION IMPRESSIONS and generated over 7.8 Million leads for our customers... (and counting)...
10,976 marketers are already
succeeding with Wishloop
Here's what some of them have to say...
David Baer
Marketing Consultant, Baer on Marketing
Miles Austin
CEO, Fill the Funnel
Scott Dudley
Eric Mulford
Entrepreneur, Ericsaid.com
Branch Whitney
Creator, 52 Peak Hiking Club
Jay Cruiz
CMO, Presscable
I used to struggle building my list. But, with the Wishloop platform, I was able to build a list of 2,179 subscribers in 59 days.
The Wishloop Share browser add-on is a godsend!

I'm converting cold traffic at 14.67% now and my ad spend has been cut in half! and the list is hot - I make money every time I mail. 
Way to go guys... you rock!
Bradley Waldrop
Founder, Digital Main Street Marketing 
I’ve used a lot of lead gen tools over the years and what I like about Wishloop is that it has almost everything under one roof.
The conversion mats and pop-ups are simple and intuitive to create and manage, while giving a lot of flexibility in how we set it up.

Support for the tool is incredible, and I’ve got responses in as little as 5 minutes. I highly recommend Wishloop.
Chris Munch
Founder, Muncheye
I wish I could keep Wishloop a secret because it's so good that I don't want my competitors to get their hands on it.
I use the Wishloop platform to create eye-catching desktop and mobile responsive lead generation pages and forms. They integrate perfectly with my email autoresponder series.

Most importantly my clients are happy. During one meeting, the client's jaw actually dropped when I showed him the results. Whether it's impressing potential clients or satisfying the needs of new clients, Wishloop has made it so much easier to meet my business objectives.

I've tried other solutions but Wishloop offers the most cost effective platform (with outstanding training)
Nicole Berg
SEM Consultant
Wishloop have thought out their product well into the future, while keeping it simple and easy to use.

The possibilities are endless and Wishloop will be the new standard for local business advertising in speed and efficiency.
Dirk Blanke
Wishloop is a fantastic piece of lead generation software which I use to gain subscribers on my websites.
I also use the software as a popup for PayPal payments which has hugely improved my sales conversions.
Richard Blandford
Director, Suckerfish UK Ltd
I have many page builders and optin creators, but I continuously find myself coming back to the Wishloop products.
They have become what I use almost exclusively for all my projects. The main reason for this is they just WORK.  I can count on them to be reliable and easy to implement with third party integrations.

I have found that I can create almost anything I can think of using their platform.  I am amazed at the number of features and the incredible degree of flexibility that using their system allows.  I have found nothing else that lets me design exactly what I have in mind.  They were the first platform that actually allowed me customize how the page looks on mobile independent of how it is looks on desktop.

They have continued to improve the platform and add additional features from the time when I first purchased as a Beta tester (several years ago) to the present.  I highly recommend the Wishloop platform to anyone who works on online or designs for people who work on online.
Michael Onthank
CEO, Steel Bridge Graphics
With the Access All Areas Pass you'll get full access to everything the Wishloop suite has to offer.
But keep reading to see what else we're throwing into this special 
Wishloop  offer to mark the launch of Speedleads...
+ The “Instant Monetization” System
 To give you the fastest start possible out of the gate we’re giving you everything you need to make money STRAIGHT AWAY with Wishloop...
Unlock 8 Complete Ready-to-Profit Campaigns
What good is building a list without something to sell to your new subscribers?

With this bonus we give you access to a full autoresponder sequence monetised with our full catalogue of best selling products.

This is a huge shortcut and you can deploy this sequence right away to quickly get started profiting from our back-catalog of best selling products
We’re including our very own "Million Dollar" Autoresponder Sequence, monetized with our 7-figure catalogue of best selling products. 
Just plug these into your autoresponder, 
add your affiliate link... and you're good to go.
+ Monthly Template Club
As a Wishloop Access All Areas customer, you’ll also get free, lifetime membership to our monthly template club. 

Each month you’ll get 12 brand new high-converting popup, landing page and conversion mat templates, created by our professional in-house design team.
(That's 4 templates for each of Amplify, Engage and Capture.)

So you’ll have a constant flow of new material to keep your marketing fresh... 

Better yet, need a specific template?  Put in a request and we'll make sure your template gets added to the next available month's to do list!
Whew, that's a lot to take in!  So lets briefly recap...  

Here's what you'll be getting as part of this epic offer:
  • Full access to everything Wishloop has to offer, including our class leading landing page and website popup software.  
  • Access all your campaigns anywhere, anytime.  Plus expanded opportunities with Speedleads via the integration with Amplify and Engage.
  • Done for you monetisation with our complete "million dollar" email sequence.  All support and maintenance included to make this as easy possible to cash-in while being as hands-free as possible.
  • Monthly templates for Amplify, Engage and Capture, skillfully put together by our in house design team.  Plus, with exclusive access to request a template design, simply submit a support ticket to request.
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NOTE: Your purchase is 100% risk-free with our 30 day refund guarantee.
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Use coupon code: 30off at checkout to save 30%.
Imagine Your Business Just a Few Weeks From Now...

With this package, it doesn't matter if you've got an established business or just starting out.  We're confident the Wishloop platform can transform any website into a conversion machine and we've got plenty of success stories to prove it.

This isn't empty marketing speak.  We mean it.  And of course, this package also comes with the backing of our full 30 day money back guarantee.
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To your Success,
Co-founders of Wishloop