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"Speedleads now allows me to promote brands and niches with the latest content and fast through the branding concept.  

I am now building my niche email lists through boxes and retargeting lists through the content I post on my facebook pages.  I used to just post content that I found by copy and pasting a link.  Now, I can use other people's content to build my list, promote offers, or send them to my landing pages very quickly. 

The browser integration is great as it automates the process of attaching the page you want to promote with your Speedleads campaign.  

And if you want to schedule (and lts face it, who wouldn't?), simply select when to post and on what fanpage, and look forward to getting 10-20x the amount of reach as a standard post. 

This is why its called Speedleads!" 
Joseph Yanni
CEO, Digital Vader, LLC
"Speedleads has been a real boon to me in terms of being able to generate quality email leads from my niche Facebook pages.  For example, I've taken one of my pages (based around a popular classic comedy show) from 0 to almost 300 subscribers in a couple of weeks.  

All I do is schedule a link or two every day to relevant content on other websites about the show.  When fans click from my timeline post to read the article, they see my campaign loaded on these other sites asking them to join the "fan club".  

My total time investment so far has been around 30 minutes - including creating my campaign!  Each new link takes about 2 minutes to find, create, and schedule.  There is huge monetization potential for combining Speedleads with social media - whether you use it to build a list or display CTAs for affiliate products, CPA offers or anything else!"
Sam Frost
Manager, Ace Digital Marketing
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